Follow Stepwise Instructions of the Product

Step STEP 1:

Install the Software from the setup and begin the method to convert NSF files by first stated Browse button as seemed in the screen

Step STEP 2:

Select the NSF file to convert and further click on Open button

Step STEP 3:

For the selection of names.nsf file to export continue with second Browse option

Step STEP 4:

Here choose names.nsf file and click on Open to load the contacts stored in the file

Step STEP 5:

To convert contacts into separate PST File check on Migrate Contacts into Separate PST File and
for the migration of few Lotus Notes folders select Export Selected Folders option

Step STEP 6:

Now apply various Filters to export certain data by selecting the dates from Set option

Step STEP 7:

For the elimination of similar contacts tick and use Exclude Duplicate Contacts option

Step STEP 8:

Choose the Advance Settings option to export Note database by utilizing more features

Step STEP 9:

The first tab appears after selecting Advance Setting option aid to save and export several properties as shown in the screen

Step STEP 10:

Second tab exhibits the setting to convert and get canonical names in the same SMTP format or discrete for each canonical value

Step STEP 11:

Third tab aid to map folders data of Notes with the existing and user defined folders of MS Outlook

Step STEP 12:

To divide the output PST file size go with Split option and fill the required size in MB or GB

Step STEP 13:

In this step, click on Export button which execute the conversion of Lotus Notes database

Step STEP 14:

Last screen exhibits the Final Report, to come out from the Application click on OK